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Isshingyo Park一心行公園

Park / Green Space

"This park south of Aso Shirohebi Shrine deifies an albino snake god. It's said the park's Great Isshingyo Cherry Tree was planted to mark the death of Hokinokami Korefuyu, the feudal lord of Yazaki Castle. The name of the park ""Isshingyo"" is derived from the ascetic exercises fervently performed to pray for the souls of Hokinokami Korefuyu and his vassals It's a magnificent, roughly 400-year-old hill cherry tree that's widely loved for its blossoms. The park holds the Minamiaso Cherry Blossom Garden Plant Festival from the end of March to the beginning of April when the flowers are at their peak. It's surrounded by rape fields, so you can take in the view of these flowers blooming along with the cherry blossoms. The cherry trees are illuminated at night when in full bloom. "

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place Kumamoto Pref. Asogunminamiasomura Nakamatsu 3226-1
phone 0967638900

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Kumamoto Pref. Asogunminamiasomura Nakamatsu 3226-1 [map]



2ndThursday (The next day in the case of Public holiday)
[Use of putting golf] Adults 400 yen, Children 200 yen
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