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Shimabara Castle島原城

Historical Monument

Shimabara Castle is located at the foot of Mt. Unzen overlooking the Ariake Sea. The castle is comprised of a five-tier tower surrounded by turrets of various sizes and incorporates the castle architectural style of the Azuchi-Momyama period. The castle is distinguished by its tall and strong walls. After it was completed in 1624, the castle served as the seat of 19 generations of feudal lords from four clans over a 250-year history and was the stage for many historical events. The castle was demolished with the Meiji Restoration but the tower was restored in 1964. The interior of the castle is a museum which exhibits materials related to the early Japanese Christians and other local history matters.

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place Nagasaki Pref. Shimabarashi Jounai 1-1183-1
phone 0957624766

Review of Shimabara Castle

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/10/24 Shimabara Castle
The are several buildings and area to walk about. The main castle tower is 5 floors. I don't recall seeing an elevator so if stairs are your enemy I would suggest not coming.
The 2 floor is the...
Reviewed:2018/05/28 A lot of history
Was welcome by the staff playing the flute.

This is a beautiful castle with historical knowledge about the castle and is surrounding. Really give me an insight about Shimabara and the Samurai.

Reviewed:2017/12/24 Nice castle with museum
There is a 5 floor museum inside the castle filled with samurai artifacts as well as artifacts on Christianity in Nagasaki



Nagasaki Pref. Shimabarashi Jounai 1-1183-1 [map]



open everyday
[Admission fee] Adults 540 yen, elementary, middle and high school students 270 yen
Parking Lot
Available 100spaces
Credit Card
Not available
Other (Non-smoking inside, On-site smoking area Available)

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This hidden corner of the country is rural Japan at its best, where underground activity is to thank for active volcanoes and bubbling natural hot springs along the Shimabara Peninsula as well as the crystal clear waters of the Goto Islands off the west coast. Less well known than Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park, Nagasaki commemorates its own past at the Nagasaki Peace Park, which sits alongside the charming Meganebashi stone bridge and a mix of religious buildings with beautiful architecture, such as the Zen Buddhist Sofukuji Temple, the Confucian Shrine, and the Oura Christian Church.

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