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Fish Man博多炉端 魚男 FISHMAN(フィッシュマン)

Other Izakaya Pub

An izakaya (Japanese pub) located close to Tenjin. The restaurant's fresh fish are stocked early and are purchased from the Nagahama fish market at night before other vendors get a chance. Fish Man also offers a variety of unique menu items which seek to make the most of the flavors of their component ingredients, such as a niku-jaga (Japanese-style beef and potato stew) made with wagyu beef kalbi (rib meat) meat. This delicious dish uncharacteristically looks almost like a cake and has even been featured on television. The restaurant also offers a full selection of authentic sweets which are highly renowned for their deliciousness.


Fukuoka Pref. Fukuokashichuouku Imaizumi 1-4-23 (Fukuoka / DazaifuArea)

phone 0927173571


Review of FISHMAN

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2019/11/05 Terrific food and fabulous evening
You know youve struck gold when you walk in the door and feel the vibe. Cool-looking staff and the open kitchen give an immediate sense to this excellent fish eatery, the sushi arc was delicious...
Reviewed:2019/05/22 Food-show!
Our evening at Fishman has been unusual. The menu offers all kinds of fish-based dishes, and its clear the restaurant focuses a lot on the acrobatic presentation:sashimi served on little...
Reviewed:2019/04/25 Distractions from mediocrity
I visited Fishman with a friend based on the excellent reviews on TripAdvisor and was severely disappointed.

The molecular gastronomy is pompous nonsense. Some tomatoes frozen in dry ice at the...

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Fukuoka Pref. Fukuokashichuouku Imaizumi 1-4-23 [ map ]
Fukuoka / DazaifuArea
Irregular holidays
Luggage allowance, Lankan all-inclusive, excluding tax
Parking Lot
Not available (Charge parking available around)
Credit Card
Available (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, etc.)
Available (Non-smoking seat Available)
Vegetarian Menu
Not available (Available)
English Menu
Available (English speaking staff)
Can be enjoyed even on a rainy day
Average budget
[Lunch] 1-1,000yen
[Night] 5,001-10,000yen
Estimated stay time
60-120 minutes
Wheelchair accessible
Infant friendly
Pet friendly
Yes (Neatly disciplined)

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          The most northerly of Kyushu island's prefectures, Fukuoka comprises castle towns, seaside parks, and Hakata ramen, one of Japan's most famous noodle dishes. Whether due to its good location or its unique charm, the prefecture's capital, Fukuoka city, has been voted one of the most desirable places to live in the country - a close-knit community, a thriving food scene, and accessible nature combine for irresistibly laid-back city vibes.

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