Kurumazaki-jinja Shrine

A Shinto shrine located in the Saga area of Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City dedicated to Kiyohara no Yorinari, a Confucian scholar who lived in the late Heian period. Kiyohara no Yorinari is seen as a god of luck with money, prosperous business, luck in finding marriage, and the warding away of evil. The shrine has a custom whereby visitors can purchase a stone from the shrine office and make a wish; the shrine piles the stones of successful wish-makers in front of the main shrine. The grounds also contain a shrine dedicated to Ame no Uzume, the goddess of performing arts, which is famous for the many performers and entertainers who come to visit it. On the third Sunday of May, the shrine holds the Three Boats Festival on the Oi River on Mt. Arashi, an event which recreates the boating the nobility would engage in during the Heian period.

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Kyoto Kyoutoshi Ukyou-ku Sagasahichou 23
open everyday
[Admission fee]Free
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Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


  • Lantern Festival
    4.0 Reviewed:2016.08.19
    I had chance to visit this shrine during Mantosai Festival (middle of Audust), and lanterns were really beautiful. You can also buy it for 500 yen and hang it by yourself.
  • Early cherry blossoms
    4.0 Reviewed:2015.04.05
    When I visited to Arashiyama end of March, I was disappointed that cherry blossoms were not blooming there. I asked a hotel staff the place to see cherry blossoms. He recommended this shrine. The...
  • Quiet but not secluded
    4.0 Reviewed:2014.11.29
    This shrine has its own charm- I went there in the fall where everywhere else is very crowded, so it was nice to avoid the crowds. The grounds are nice and welcoming, its not very special and not on...

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