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Nara | Temple

Toshodaiji Temple (唐招提寺)

 0742337900  Nara Pref. Narashi Gojouchou 13-46

The head temple of the Ritsu school of Buddhism, one of the six sects of Buddhism brought to Japan during the Nara period which flourished in ancient Nara. The temple was erected in 759 by Jianzhen, a priest who traveled to Japan from Tang China. Originally the private temple of Jianzhen, it started out quite simple, but key structures such as the main temple were completed by the efforts of his disciples after his passing. The temple contains numerous designated National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties, such as a seated figure of Vairocana, the temple’s principle object of worship. A seated statue of Jianzhen, a National Treasure, is displayed only once a year from June 5 to 7, the dates surrounding the time he died.


8:30-17:00 (Reception until 16:30)
[Admission fee to worship
Adults/college students 600yen, High School Students 400yen, Junior High School Students 400yen, Elementary School Students200yen
[Mikagedo] Adults/college students 500yen, High School Students 300yen, Junior High School Students300yen, College students 200yen, High School Students 100yen, Junior High School Students 1 ...
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Review of Toshodaiji Temple

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/10/29 Awesome Inspiring Place
Prepare to walk, but then you’ll see spectacular buildings and views. Don’t miss the garden. Easy access from train station by public bus.
Reviewed:2018/10/08 Well worth the walk
One of the best temples I have seen in Japan. When I was there a wedding took place, so is very much still active. Tends to be busy as is n the must do list
Reviewed:2018/09/14 Awesome proportions
Largest wooden building, huge timber arches, big Buddha- truly awesome when you try to come to grips with the tasks of building these. It is a very popular site so patience is required but worth it.
Reviewed:2018/09/06 Its huge
Its a lot bigger than I expected, it was busy but it did not feel busy because of the amount of space, make sure you take a look at the replica models inside the temple and talk to the volunteer...
Reviewed:2018/08/30 That's one Big Buddha
Well worth a visit. Quite a bit of interest apart from the large Buddha. A beautiful temple and you stroll through a lovely park to get there.

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