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Konoyu (鴻の湯)


Hot Spring / Hot Spring Bath

This historic open-air bath house is said to have been discovered 1,400 years ago after a representative of Emperor Jomei healed the injured leg of a stork, hence the bath’s name—“The Stork Bath.” The Yumepa bath ticket allows purchasers to visit bathe as much as they like at seven different hot spring facilities, including Konoyu, whose waters are said to bring happiness. Located on a mountain ridge, bathers can enjoy a quiet outdoor bath enshrouded by verdant trees. The Kinosaki Motoyu hot spring is located nearby; here visitors can enjoy a foot bath or make boiled eggs in the hot waters.


Hyogo Pref. Toyokashi Kinosakichouyushima 610 (Tajima / Kinosaki / ToyookaArea)

phone 0796322195


Review of Ko no Yu

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2020/03/15 Go for the outdoor bath
A little further out than Kinosakis other onsens, Ko no Yu is small and intimate. It has a good and hot indoor bath, and a slightly cooler outdoor bath. The outdoor bath is Ko no Yus best feature...
Reviewed:2019/10/15 Kinosaki onsen tour
My second onsen in Kinosaki and it didn’t disappoint... whilst I think I still favour Satono-yu (see review). This has an indoor and outdoor pool. The outdoor pool is very picturesque, like bathing...
Reviewed:2018/03/15 Furthest but the oldest
No 7 on the onsen map and the furthest from Kinosaki Onsen Station .
The oldest of the seven
One indoor pool and one outdoor pool which has manicured tree . The temperature is just nice I guess 42 C...

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Hyogo Pref. Toyokashi Kinosakichouyushima 610 [map]
Tajima / Kinosaki / ToyookaArea
Tuesday (Open for Public holidays)
[Bathing charge] Adults700yen, Children 350yen
Parking Lot
Available 19spaces
Credit Card
Not available
0796-32-0119 (City Hall Hot Spring Division)

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


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