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Kashihara Jingu Shrine橿原神宮


This shrine is dedicated to Emperor Jimmu and his wife. The shrine was erected by Emperor Meiji in 1890 based on the Nihon Shoki, one of Japan’s oldest history books, which records that the Emperor Jimmu was enthroned at the site. Located at the foot of Mt. Unebi, the hinoki bark thatched, bare-wood main shrine and kagura hall harmonize perfectly with the thick and verdant forest which surround the shrine’s gravel path. The main shrine was a sanctuary in the Kyoto Imperial Palace that was moved here.


Nara Pref. Kashiharashi Kumechou 934

phone 0744223271

6:30-17:00(depending on the season)

Review of Kashihara Jingu

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/09/22 Of the track, mysterious place
Hi my name is Kevin I'm Australian but Ive started managing a log cabin cafe near Kashihara Jingu mae (In fact I can see the unebi mountain from the cafe and the Kashihara Jingu shrine just on the...
Reviewed:2017/09/06 Best go there for week day!
This is one of big sight seeing place to pray. We went week day which not many people and very calm. Also, many shrine and parks inside of Kashihara-jingu...
Reviewed:2017/07/10 Out of the way, non-touristy
We literally stumbled on Kashihara Shrine by mistake. We intended to rent bikes in Asuka but they were too expensive, so opted to walk around instead. We followed the signs from Asuka station...

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Nara Pref. Kashiharashi Kumechou 934 [map]



6:30-17:00(depending on the season)
Visiting Free
[Treasure Hall] Adults 300 Yen, Junior and Senior High School Student 200 Yen
Parking Lot
Available 800spaces
Credit Card
Not available

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