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Wakamiya-jinja Shrine若宮神社


Wakamiya-jinja Shrine is an auxiliary and subsidiary shrines of Kasuga Shrine, and it is the temple at the back of the “side road” lined with stone lanterns. It is called “Wakamiya” because it enshrines Kogami (“offspring kami”) of Hime no Kami, Ame-no-Oshikumone-no-mikoto who is the enshrined deity of Kasuga Shrine. It is the first temple in the Wakamiya tour of 15 shrines. The main hall has been designated as an Important Cultural Property, and has a similar Kasuga-zukuri style as the main shrine of Kasuga Taisha Shrine. It is known for holding the “Kasuga Wakamiya On-Matsuri” in December every year.

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place Nara Pref. Narashi Kasuganochou 160 in the Kasuga Grand Shrine
phone 0742227788



Nara Pref. Narashi Kasuganochou 160 in the Kasuga Grand Shrine [map]



Worship freedom
open everyday
[Juniya Wakamiya tour] first ear charge 1,500 yen
Parking Lot
Not available
Credit Card
Not available

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