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Yoshikien Garden吉城園

Botanical Garden

This is a Japanese-style garden and a Place of Scenic Beauty within Nara which sits adjacent to Isuien Park. It is said that it was built on the site of a branch temple of Kofukuji Temple, Manishuin Temple. You can enjoy the three aspects of the garden; the pond garden, the moss garden and the tea ceremony garden with Mt. Kasuga and Mt. Wakakusa as a backdrop. The former Shohoin family residence and the separate tearooms within the garden have been designated as Tangible Cultural Properties of Nara Prefecture. In Autumn, the fall colored leaves which flutter down into the moss garden create a beautiful scene. Advance reservation is necessary to use the tearooms.

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place Nara Pref. Narashi Noboriojichou
phone 0742225911



Nara Pref. Narashi Noboriojichou [map]



9:00-17:00 (Admission until 16:30)
Admission fee Adults (High School Students or higher) 250 yen, Children (Elementary School Students or higher) 120 yen

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With a reputation almost as stellar as that of Kyoto, Nara is a must-visit for those searching for the remains of “traditional Japan.” The largely green Nara city holds the majority of the prefecture's treasures, such as the iconic Todai-ji Temple, in which a 15-meter tall Great Buddha sits, and Nara Park, where deer flock to befriend passersby. While mountains are by no means hard to come by in this area, for hiking with a reward, head to the Kii Mountains' Yoshino district in spring, when the hillsides put on an impressive display of white and pink cherry blossoms.

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