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Ishiyama-dera Temple (石山寺)

This is a temple of the To-ji Temple Shingon sect which is located in Otsu City. It was founded in 747 at the request of Emperor Shomu. It is known as one of the most famous Kannon temples in Japan, also being the stamp office for temple number 13 of the Saigoku Sanjusansho Kannon Pilgrimage. In addition, it is said that this was the place where Murasaki Shikibu got her inspiration for the idea of the Tale of Genji, and it also appears in literary works such as “Makura no Soshi” (the Pillow Book) and “Sarashina Nikki” (The Sarashina Diary). In the temple, there are many National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties such as the oldest Taho-to (a pagoda that enshrines the Buddha) and the oldest main temple building in Japan, so there is no shortage of highlights. It is also a famous place for its autumnal leaves and the illumination in the evening is worth seeing.


Shiga Pref. Otsushi Ishiyamadera 1-1-1 (OtsuArea)

phone 0775370013

8:00-16:30 (Last entry 16:00)

Review of Ishiyamadera Temple

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2020/04/09 #13 Temple of Saigoku 33 Kannon Pilgrimage
We drove southward from the center of Otsu City along Lake Biwa. As we drove on, the lake became narrower, and finally became a river, Seta River. When the river started running southward, we got...
Reviewed:2018/07/13 More like a beautiful garden than a temple
This place is more like a garden with lots of beautiful flowers than a temple. The environment is quiet and peaceful, not like other parks with too many tourists from other places. Be prepared to...
Reviewed:2018/06/30 Beautiful flowers and tree, Lot of National treasure
The temple is in Otsu city not far from Kyoto. From the entrance of the temple you will find 3D carving Door Guardian Angel. After passing the door will find beautiful flowers along the way to the...

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Shiga Pref. Otsushi Ishiyamadera 1-1-1 [map]
8:00-16:30 (Last entry 16:00)
open everyday
[Admission fee to worship]

[Admission fee]
[General] 600yen (group 500yen)
[Junior and senior high school students] 600yen (group 350yen)
[Elementary School Students] 250yen (group 200yen)
* Group is 30 people and above Than
Parking Lot
Credit Card
Not available
* Currently, we are shortening Worship times to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. For details, please check the official homepage.

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


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