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Takaoka Daibutsu (Takaoka Great Buddha)高岡大仏


The Takaoka Daibutsu (Takaoka Great Buddha) is a large statue of Amida Nyorai (the Amitabha Buddha) in a seated posture, approximately 16 meters high, located in the Hotoku-san Daibutsu-ji Temple near Takaoka Station in Toyama Prefecture. The circular halo that rises up behind the Buddha’s back makes this a particularly distinctive statue; it ranks alongside the Great Buddha of Nara and the Great Buddha of Kamakura as one of the “Three Great Buddhas of Japan.” The original statue and its replacement were both destroyed in fires; in 1933, local people built the third statue that visitors see today. Since it was first created, the Takaoka Daibutsu has become an iconic symbol of Takaoka; locals refer to with a mixture of respect and familiarity as “Daibuttsuan.”


Toyama Pref. Takaokashi Otemachi 11-29

phone 0766239156

[Pedestal Corridor Worship times] 6:00-18:00

Review of Takaoka Daibutsu Buddha

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Reviewed:2018/05/10 Great Buddha @ Takaoka, Toyama
The great Buddha statue (Daibutsu) Located in Takaoka city, Toyama prefecture. It is one of the 3 great Buddha statues of Japan. The other 2 being Kamakura and Nara. It is a bronze statue made using...
Reviewed:2018/03/30 One of the three great Buddha
This is not Nara, not even Kamakura scale. But I would like to believe this is the best. My home town favorite. It's less known, so you never have to feel you are rushed or squeezed in. You can...
Reviewed:2017/12/29 The Takaoka Daibutsu is claimed as one of the three great Buddha statues of Japan.
It certainly is a large Buddha statue at almost 16m in height, weighing around 60 tonnes and being forged from copper. It took almost 30 years to produce and replaced the wooden Daibutsu which had...

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Toyama Pref. Takaokashi Otemachi 11-29 [map]



[Pedestal Corridor Worship times] 6:00-18:00
open everyday
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