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Musashi-Mitake Jinja Shrine (武蔵御嶽神社)

This shrine located on the top of Mt. Mitake (also known as Musashi Mitakesan) in Ome City flourished as a sacred place for mountain worship. It is reported to have been established in 91 BC. In addition to the former honden (main shrine), which was designated a Tangible Cultural Property by the Tokyo metropolitan government, the current honden in shinmei-zukuri style (a style of shrine architecture based on that of Ise Jingu), and the haiden (hall of worship) in gongen-zukuri style (a style of Shinto architecture in which the main hall and worship hall share one roof), visitors can see the “Akaito Odoshi Oyoroi (odoshi armor with red strings),” which is a National Treasure, in the Homotsuden (treasure house). A grand kagura performance that is open to the public is held every year on the third Sunday in June and on the Senior Citizen’s Day in September. Since Musashi-Mitake Jinja enshrines a white wolf in the form of an “oinusama” (sacred dog), there have been increasing numbers of worshippers who come to pray for their beloved dogs’ health, and the shrine accepts requests for prayers on behalf of pet dogs.


Tokyo Oumeshi Mitakesan 176 (Ome / OkutamaArea)

phone 0428788500

[Treasure Hall] 9:30-16:00
[Ofuda Awarding Office] 8:30-16:30
[Prayer Reception] 9:00-16:00
* The Treasure Hall is open on Saturday Sunday Public holiday.

Review of Musashi Mitake Shrine

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/11/28 Autumn walk
Took a day trip with kids ages 9 and 7 to enjoy the colored leaves and hiking. I would strongly advise to arrive before 9 am if you are planning to park near Takimoto Station where you can take the...
Reviewed:2018/06/27 Just one of many beautiful landmarks in the area!
Just one of many beautiful landmarks in the area to see while in the valley. The shrine provides a nice resting area to unwind and enjoy the peace and quiet. Rich in history and culture, this shrine...
Reviewed:2018/03/04 Peace and Tranquillity
The shrine is located some several hundred stairs up from Mitakesan Cablecar station. The legends of the lost samurai being guided by the Kami in the form of a wolf is what drew me to this place of...

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Tokyo Oumeshi Mitakesan 176 [map]
Ome / OkutamaArea
[Treasure Hall] 9:30-16:00
[Ofuda Awarding Office] 8:30-16:30
[Prayer Reception] 9:00-16:00
* The Treasure Hall is open on Saturday Sunday Public holiday.
Opened Treasure Hall SaturdaySundayPublic holiday
[Treasure Hall] Adults500yen, Children300yen
Parking Lot
Not available
* Please use the parking lot attached to the cable car.
Credit Card
Not available
Others (Available only in specified locations)
Not available
* Only the treasure hall will be closed from 2019/2/4-2019/3/10 to exchange exhibits.
Estimated stay time
0-30 minutes
Pet friendly
Not possible (No entry inside the building)

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