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Yushima Tenmangu (Yushima Tenjin)湯島天満宮(湯島天神)


This is a Shinto shrine located in Yushima in Bunkyo City and is representative of an Edo-Tokyo Tenmangu Shrine. It is said that this shrine was built in 458 A.D. by imperial command of Emperor Yuraku in order to enshrine Ameno-tajikaraono-mikoto as a deity. Later in the Nanboku-cho period, Sugawara Michizane was also enshrined. As the Shinto god of scholarship, many students preparing for exams pay homage at the shrine. The precincts are so elegant, and they were the subject of works by the ukiyo-e artist, Utagawa Hiroshige. From early February at the Japanese plum blossom festival (“Ume Matsuri”), the Japanese plums are magnificent in full bloom on the grounds and the festival is busy with sightseers.


Tokyo Bunkyou-ku Yushima 3-30-1 (Kanda / AkihabaraArea)

phone 0338360753

[Gates shut Hours]6:00-20:00

Review of Yushima Tenmangu

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/10/04 Dedicated to students
If visiting shrines is your thing, you must go to this one. Since I am currently doing studies I needed to go there and found the place lovely. If you don't like crowded places, like me, you will...
Reviewed:2018/08/28 A smaller but nice shrine close to Ueno park
The shrine is in walking distance to Ueno park and dedicated to learning. Therefore it is visited by Tokyo U candidates who pray for good results at the entrance exams.
Reviewed:2018/07/10 学問向上祈願で訪問 Shrine for academic excellence
It has been a while to post about the visit to Yushima Tenjin but it was for my child who has to take high school entrance...

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Tokyo Bunkyou-ku Yushima 3-30-1 [ map ]
Kanda / AkihabaraArea
[Gates shut Hours]6:00-20:00
open everyday
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