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Horin-ji Temple第9番札所 法輪寺


The origins of this temple lie in a temple founded by Kobo Daishi after encountering a white snake while on a preaching tour; this “Hakuda-san Horin-ji” was located about 4km north of the present Horin-ji Temple near the Hochi-ga-tani. In 1582 the original temple was burnt down by the armies of the warlord Motochika Chosokabe; the temple was rebuilt on its present site at some point in the Tempo era(1644–1648), and was given the name Horin-ji. The new temple was accidentally burnt down in 1859; the temple buildings that the visitor sees today were built in the Meiji era. The statue of Shaka Nyorai (Gautama Buddha) which is the main object of veneration in the temple depicts Shakyamuni in a reclining posture; the Horin-ji Temple is the only one of the temples on the Shikoku 88-temple Pilgrimage to feature this type of statute. Situated amidst peaceful farmland, the Horin-ji Temple is affectionately known as “Horin-san Amidst the Fields.”


Tokushima Pref. Awashi Donarichoudonari Tanaka 198-2

phone 0886952080

Precincts Free

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Reviewed:2018/06/19 四国霊場八十八カ所 9番札所
Reviewed:2018/05/13 四国八十八箇所霊場 第九番札所
Reviewed:2018/03/24 9番札所の法輪寺は田園地帯にぽつりとある地味なお寺

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Tokushima Pref. Awashi Donarichoudonari Tanaka 198-2 [map]



Precincts Free
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