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Temple No. 7, Jurakuji Temple第7番札所 十楽寺


Juraku-ji Temple is a Koya-san Shingon Buddhist temple in Awa City. It’s formal name is Komyo-zan Rengei-in; it is the seventh temple visited on the Shikoku 88-temple Pilgrimage. According to tradition, the temple was founded by Kobo Daishi. The name “Juraku-ji” (“Ten Joys Temple”) derives from the idea that, thanks to the mercy of the Amithaba Buddha, people can overcome the “eight sorrows” of birth, age, sickness, death, the pain of meeting people you dislike, the pain of separation, the pain of not getting what one wants, and pain caused by the five skandha (aggregates of mental and physical characteristics), and experience the “Ten Joys” of the Pure Land (paradise). Originally a very large temple, the Juraku-ji Temple was burnt down by the armies of the warlord Motochika Chosokabe in 1582. Only the temple’s main statue was saved, by being carried off by the head priest Shinzen on his back. The temple was rebuilt in 1635; these are the buildings that the visitor sees today.


Tokushima Pref. Awashi Donarichoutakao Houkyouden 58

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Review of Jurakuji Temple

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Reviewed:2018/11/13 Temple 7, a quiet and serene place
This is the 7th temple on the 88 temple pilgrimage and just a 15 minute walk from temple 6. The hondo is very interesting and there is a jizo that is said to cure eye problems. Also a very good...
Reviewed:2018/06/19 四国霊場八十八カ所 7番札所
Reviewed:2018/05/13 四国八十八箇所霊場 第七番札所

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Tokushima Pref. Awashi Donarichoutakao Houkyouden 58 [map]



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