Museum of Commercial and Domestic Life

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The Museum of Commercial and Domestic Life is located in Uchiko Town. The building that houses the Museum is itself of great interest, having formerly been an apothecary’s shop that operated during the Edo and Meiji periods. Mannequins and period utensils are used to recreate the scene in the apothecary’s shop as it would have been in years gone by; the unique, highly-realistic mannequins surprise visitors by welcoming them using authentic phrases (researched with experts familiar with the period). The realistic scenes—which include the owners’ family eating together with the apprentices, the housemaid cooking a meal, and little details such as someone talking to himself as he works—are very popular with visitors. Models are used to present information about Uchiko Town’s history and way of life, famous local individuals, etc.

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Ehime Pref. Kitagunuchikochou Uchiko 1938 map map Map
[Admission fee]Adults200yen, Elementary and Junior High School Students100yen
※Set tickets available
Parking Lot
Not available
Credit Card
Available(VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, UnionPay, DISCOVER, Diners Club)
Not available
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0-30 minutes
Infant friendly

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN

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  • Not the greatest.
    2.0 Reviewed : 2022.11.28
    OK, it has talking dolls, but after the experience of the whole town in general, and the wax factory, it comes off second best. Can be missed.
  • Very interesting
    5.0 Reviewed : 2019.08.19
    This is vey interesting- an old house owned by a pharmacist. The guide was very friendly and informative. He was happy to answer questions even when there was a language barrier. Would recommend...
  • A lot more interesting than originally envisaged!
    4.0 Reviewed : 2019.07.09
    The description as a Wax Doll Museum suggests some sort of rural Madame Tussauds, but in reality the Museum of Commercial & Domestic Life (to give it its proper title), actually consists of a...

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