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Ryugado Cave龍河洞


Ryugado Cave is a sightseeing limestone cave which is representative of Japan, which is said to have been formed over roughly 175 million years. There are remains of a cave dwelling from the Yayoi period in the vicinity of the entrance of an internal cave, and “Kami no Tsubo” can be seen within the cave in which Yayoi pottery has been integrated into stalactites. You can enjoy the beauty of nature moulding such as stalactite, stalagmite or celestial stone of 11 meters in height in this cave. There is a standard sightseeing course of about one kilometer but the 90 minute course in which you stretch and make progress through narrow caves and also the “Adventure Course” in which you climb onto three meter high rocks using ropes are also popular.

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place Kouchi Pref. Kamishi Tosayamadachousakakawa 1424
phone 0887532144

Review of Ryugado Cave

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/11/13 Enjoyed Ryugado Cave
If you don’t do steps well this is probably a cave you will want to skip. Set in the mountainside, the entrance to the cave gives no indication of the beauty that awaits you. From the moment you step...
Reviewed:2018/10/08 Some nice things to see, but like most caves.
Ryugado caves was interesting. Some different things to see. Like most caves lot of narrow passages and low entrances. Can get a little slippery. Worth the trip.
Reviewed:2018/10/04 Expected More
We visited this on a cruise excursion. If you aspire to be a spelunker cave explorer adding to your life list, this is definitely for you. If you are a casual tourist interested in great sight...



Kouchi Pref. Kamishi Tosayamadachousakakawa 1424 [map]



8:30-17:00 (last entering Hours)
[12/Jan.-Feb. end] 8:30-16:30 (final entrance Hours)
Junior High School Students700yen
Elementary School Students550yen

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