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Ryozen-ji Temple (Starting point for the Shikoku 88-temple Pilgrimage)竺和山 一乗院 霊山寺


Ryozen-ji Temple is a Koya-san Shingon Buddhist temple that, according to legend, was founded by the monk Gyoki during the Tempyo era (729–749) on the orders of the Shomu Emperor. The Temple’s formal name is Zikuwazan Ichijoin Ryozenji. Selected for inclusion in the “88 Best Places to Visit in Tokushima,” the Ryozen-ji Temple is also the starting-point for the Shikoku 88-temple Pilgrimage, and is affectionately known as Ichi-ban-san (“Number One”). The Temple is visited by white-robed pilgrims throughout the year, and it is possible to purchase Nokyo-cho (stamp-books for collecting the stamps that confirm that a pilgrim has made a donation to a given temple) and pilgrims’ clothing, staffs and bamboo hats etc. Must-see sights at the Temple include a two-storied pagoda housing the Gochi Nyorai Statues (five statues representing different aspects of the wisdom of the Buddha) and the Meiji Garden located on the north side of the Daishi-do hall.


Tokushima Pref. Narutoshi Oasachoubandou Tsukahana 126

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Review of Ryozen-ji Temple

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/11/13 The start of the 88 Temple Pilgrimage
Ryozenji is temple 1 and where most henro start off. The grounds are a bit cluttered but charming nonetheless. You can "practice" your set of rituals here -- bell ringing, candle and incense...
Reviewed:2018/01/05 The first temple of Shikoku 88 temple
This is the first temple to visit of Shikoku 88 temple. It is simple but beautiful. The woodwork on the temple seems detailed, and the atmosphere is so calming. I felt very refreshed after visiting...
Reviewed:2017/01/02 Temple #1
This is the first temple on the 88-temple Shikoku pilgrimage, and is well worth a visit, even if you do not plan on doing the entire trek. The temple grounds are fairly small, but beautifully...

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Tokushima Pref. Narutoshi Oasachoubandou Tsukahana 126 [map]



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