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Aqua Eddy underwater sightseeing boat水中観潮船アクアエディ

Pleasure Boat / Water Cruise

The Aqua Eddy is a small, fast boat equipped with an underwater observation room. Passengers can get a close underwater view of the spectacular Naruto Strait whirlpools through the glass bottom of the boat, which extends one meter under the water. Being able to enjoy the different views of the whirlpools from on deck and from down below really enhances the viewing experience. As the Aqua Eddy has a limited capacity of 46 passengers, advance booking is required. The journey time is 25 minutes; there are 15 scheduled trips per day. The Uzusio Whirlpool Sightseeing Boat dock, from which the trips depart, is located approximately 15 minutes by car by Naruto Station and around 75 minutes’ drive from Kobe-Sannomiya Station.

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place Tokushima Pref. Narutoshi Narutochoutosadomariura Oge 264-1
phone 0886870101



Tokushima Pref. Narutoshi Narutochoutosadomariura Oge 264-1 [map]



[Aqua Eddy] 9:15-16:15 * Departing at intervals of 30 minutes
[When it comes to watching] 9:00-16:20 * Depart at 40 minute intervals
open everyday (It is closed when heavy weather)
[Aqua Eddie Fare] Adults 2400 yen, Elementary School Students 1200 yenen * Elementary School Students less than 1 Adults per person 1 Free
[Want to be a fare] Adults 1800 yen, Elementary School Students 900 yen * Elementary School Students less than 1 for Adults The name is Free
Parking Lot
Credit Card
Not available
Since Aqua Eddie is a small boat of 46 seats, reservation is required in advance.

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The southeastern corner of Shikoku is home to Tokushima prefecture, a region celebrated for its luscious nature and the nation's favorite Awa Odori, an energetic dance to which an annual summer festival has been dedicated. Keeping the upbeat tempo, whirlpools excite the Naruto sea off Tokushima, while inland, dramatic cliffs line the Iya Valley, promising unrivaled views of vast and vibrant scenery.

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