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Kannon-in (Shusse-Kannon)観音院庭園


This is a temple located in Tottori City’s Uemachi Town in Tottori Prefecture which used to be the temple for the Ikeda family, the feudal lords of the Tottori domain. It is also the 32nd temple of the Chugoku 33 Kannon Pilgrimage, a junrei pilgrimage route. The principal object of worship is an image of the Shokanzeon Bosatsu, or Kannon Bodhisattva, and it is believed to be a Shusse Kannon (the word ‘shusse’ in Japanese means ‘success in life’ or ‘moving ahead in your life/career”) since it reportedly became larger every time it was moved. Construction of the Kannon-in garden, which has been designated as a Special Place of Scenic Beauty, took ten years from 1650 to be completed, and is an example of Chisenkansho-shiki Teien style in which there is a large pond around which gentle slopes, stones and trees and bushes have been arranged. Visitors can partake of the matcha tea and sweets service to sit down and slowly appreciate the garden view.

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place Tottori Pref. Tottorishi Uemachi 162
phone 0857245641

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Reviewed:2018/06/24 일본 다도체험
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Reviewed:2018/05/22 大きな特徴は背景の傾斜地形
Reviewed:2018/05/01 庭園のあるお寺



Tottori Pref. Tottorishi Uemachi 162 [map]



[Garden] 9:00-17:00
[Kannon Garden (Including Green Tea Included)] General 550yen, High School Students below 350yen

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