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Okayama | Other Coffee Shop

Kurashiki Coffee-kan (倉敷珈琲館)

 0864245516  Okayama Pref. Kurashikishi Honmachi 4-1

A coffee and bean roasting specialty shopped founded in 1971 standing in the center of the Bikan Historical Quarter. The shop’s popular coffee is made from carefully selected beans which are further sorted in the shop, then carefully roasted and nel drip brewed. In addition to menu standards such as Kilimanjaro, customers can also enjoy daily and seasonal coffees. The shop also sells beans for home use.


open everyday
Parking Lot
Not available
Credit Card
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Vegetarian Menu
Not available
English Menu
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Review of Kurashiki Coffeekan

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2017/11/12 Lovely atmosphere, good coffee
The coffee shop interior is all mellow old wood, which makes it a relaxing place to have a break. The coffee itself is good, although my cappuccino was more like a vienna, with cream on top. Service...
Reviewed:2017/02/15 Lunch with friend
Being vegetarian I expected to have a hard time ordering food, but the staff was very kind and helpful and recommended a nice meal. I was happy to meet my friend who was visiting from Tokyo. Thanks!
Reviewed:2015/09/26 As they said...only coffee and very good one
Not cheap for a cuppa but this quaint little cafe offers exceptionally good brew. Pure black brew or Kilimanjaro, cafe Au lait or iced versions. Not the milk based versions you often find at cafes...
Reviewed:2014/12/31 Coffee, coffee and coffee
This is a place for coffee lovers. It serves only great coffee! Very good location, minutes walk from my hotel and Ohara museum.

You are going to be here for coffee, coffee and REAL GOOD coffee...
Reviewed:2014/12/26 Unforgettable
I think this is one of the best coffee I have ever had. The location is easy to find, and the coffee shop looks a bit nostalgic. I had a great quiet afternoon with a cup of cappuccino. My sister had...

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