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It is the most important temple of the Shingon Omuro sect in Miyajima Town, Hatsukaichi City, and the temple with the longest history in Miyajima. It is believed to have been established when Kobo Daishi crossed to Miyajima in 806. It was once a different temple administering the ceremonial festivals of the Itsukushima Shrine and was deeply related to the Imperial Family. The temple has many statues in the Kannon-do Hall such as the Kannon Bosatsu or Deity of Mercy with eleven heads, and is the only temple in Japan enshrining Sanki Daigongen (the three fierce guardian gods). You can see the streets of the opposite shore from this serene environment, and it is also famous for its autumn colors.

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place Hiroshima Pref. Hatsukaichishi Miyajimachou 210
phone 0829440111

Review of Daishoin Temple

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/11/22 Beautiful in the autumn
We visited this early in the morning and it was so peaceful. With a guide map we saw all that this temple had to offer
It was interesting to see the sutras and the Mandela wheel in one of the...
Reviewed:2018/11/07 Beautiful- a favourite from our time in Japan
I wasn't expecting Daishoin to be quite as beautiful and unique as it was. Chamring large temple complex, not overcrowded. 2nd story temple had a view of the ocean and there was a dark underground...
Reviewed:2018/10/31 Beautiful lanterns
Daishoin is one of the most beautiful temples I've ever been to. It's a bit of a trek with all the stairs but the view inside (especially of the lanerns) is stunning!



Hiroshima Pref. Hatsukaichishi Miyajimachou 210 [map]



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There is more than meets the eye awaiting any Hiroshima-bound traveler. Kicking off in Hiroshima city, the Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima Castle, and Shukkeien Garden offer a couple of days of exploring; however, the real beauty lies along the southern coast of the prefecture. There, a series of islands spreads across the Seto Inland Sea: from the mysterious sea-submerged Great Torii Gate at Miyajima Island to the first half of the islands that connect Honshu to Shikoku via six spectacular suspension bridges.

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