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The Statue of Florence Nightingaleフローレンス ナイチンゲール像

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"It's next to Eikon-ji Temple Remnants Historical Park along the railroad tracks to the west of Kawanishi-noseguchi Station. Deeply moved by this nurse's commitment while being cared for in a Japanese Red Cross Hospital, Nakayama Tsuyu, the owner of the land, had this statue made in 1936. It's modeled after the image that stands at the entrance to The Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery at St. Thomas Hospital in London, making it only the second of its kind. The phrase "" Kanzeon to relieve the sufferings of the people "" is engraved on the pedestal, sending a message of benevolence and love for humanity. It's a popular spot for students studying to be nurses, and a festival to mark Florence Nightingale's birthday is held every May. "

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place Hyougo Pref. Kawanishishi Hanayashiki 1-24
phone 0727401172



Hyougo Pref. Kawanishishi Hanayashiki 1-24 [map]



Free to visit
Free to visit
No admission fee is required
Parking Lot
Not available

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