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Sasayama Castle Ruins篠山城跡

Castle / Ruins of Castle

The ruins of Sasayama Castle, flatland-mountain castle build on a small hill called Sasayama, located a 10-minute drive east from the Tannan Sasayamaguchi interchange on the Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway. The castle's moat, stone base, and base of keep still stand. Sasayama castle never had a keep, instead centering on a hall called the Oshoin, which was rebuilt in March 2000. Inside the hall, visitors can view informational panels on historic events which occurred in Sasayama Domain during the Edo period as well as models and other exhibits which provide information on what the castle and town beneath it once looked like as well as the different lords who ruled the area. The hall's theater room screens informational videos.


Hyougo Pref. Sasayamashi Kitashinmachi 2-3 (Takarazuka / Amagasaki / NishinomiyaArea)

phone 0795524500

9:00-17:00 (final receptionist 16:30)

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Reviewed:2018/11/11 篠山城のシンボル
Reviewed:2018/09/17 天守閣に代わる堂々とした御殿
Reviewed:2018/06/02 二の丸大書院

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Hyougo Pref. Sasayamashi Kitashinmachi 2-3 [ map ]
Takarazuka / Amagasaki / NishinomiyaArea
9:00-17:00 (final receptionist 16:30)
Monday (The next day for Public holiday)
Admission freedom
[Daigakuin] Adults 400 yen, high school and university students 200 yen, small/Junior High School Students 100 yen, milk ChildFree
[Aoyama historical village/Ulsan city historical art museum/samurai residences Anma family history museum four commons ticket] 600 yen
※ There is a fee change during the special exhibition.
Parking Lot
Not available
※ The nearest parking lot is Sanno Marunishi parking lot (350 spaces/1Times 200 yen)
Credit Card
Not available

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