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Shichino Tsuchiura Main Store志ち乃 土浦本店

Japanese Confectionery

The main location of a dorayaki Japanese-style pancake sandwich shop which has been in business for over 60 years. The shop is situated on National Route 354 along the way to the Kasumigaura Bridge in Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture. The shop's standard dorayaki consists of sweet adzuki beans from specially contracted farms mashed into a paste and enwrapped in two moist pancakes whose recipe is changed daily as appropriate to local humidity and temperature. Other dorayaki varieties include the highly popular chestnut dorayaki made with candied Japanese chestnuts, and the unusual and spicy curry dorayaki. The shop also sells a Kijo-no-matsu dorayaki made by image of pine trees in the Tsuchiura Castle and Hasu-dora dorayaki made with candied lotus seeds only offered here in Tsuchiura.

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place Ibaraki Pref. Tsuchiurashi Tenomachi 60-3
phone 0298281117

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Reviewed:2018/11/12 定番のどら焼き
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Ibaraki Pref. Tsuchiurashi Tenomachi 60-3 [map]



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