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Ibaraki | Sake Brewery

Yuki Sake Brewery (結城酒造株式会社)

 0296333344  Ibaraki Pref. Yukishi Yuki 1589

A sake brewery established in the Edo period located a 10-minute walk from the north exit of JR Yuki Station. The brewery building was originally built in the Ansei era; this and the large brick chimney added on in the Meiji period are designated a National Tangible Cultural Property. Visitors can enjoy food along with Fukufuku, a traditional and renowned sake which has been brewed since the Edo period, served at various temperatures. Yuiyui, another of the brewery's famous sakes, is decorated with a design created by a local calligrapher depicting a thread ring surrounding the character for good fortune. Made with underground water from the Kinugawa River system, this sake is characterized by its mild flavor.


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