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Yamaguchi City Saikotei山口市菜香亭

Historical Monument

"This is an historical building in Yamaguchi City. The building was traditionally known as a famous Japanese restaurant called ""Gion Saikotei"" in the Meiji period (1868–1912) and was frequented by Kaoru Inoue, Hirobumi Ito, Takayoshi Kido and Aritomo Yamagata. The building is now used as a place of culture exchange and to exhibit collections of people who were once connected to the restaurant. Visitors can rent and try on kimonos for a fee, there is a rickshaw service and rental bicycles etc."


Yamaguchi Pref. Yamaguchishi Tenge 1-2-7 (Yamaguchi / ShuhoArea)

phone 0839343312

[View] 9:00-17:00
[Facility use] 9:00-22:00

Review of Saikotei

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2015/07/31 Historical site for western foods house at the Meigi.
This house moved from original site is historical house for western foods (mainly for leaders in Japan), where there are many real signatures by political leaders (from the Meiji to present ages).
Reviewed:2014/04/28 Space very calm.
In 1877, the cook of the king opened the shop.
The shop is called saika-tei.
1877 is a milestone year for Japan to slide into modernization.
Many politicians have a visit to this shop.
It is a very...
Reviewed:2019/11/24 バスツアーで初訪

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Yamaguchi Pref. Yamaguchishi Tenge 1-2-7 [ map ]
Yamaguchi / ShuhoArea
[View] 9:00-17:00
[Facility use] 9:00-22:00
Tuesday (The next day for public holidays), New Year's Holiday
[Admission fee (large hall, exhibition room only)]
[Adult] 100yen
[Children] 50yen
[Elementary School Students less than] Free
Parking Lot
Available (Cars 70spaces, Large bus 6spaces)
Credit Card
Not available
Temporary suspension:Closed until May 24, 2020 (Information as of May 11, 2020)
* Information may be changed, so please be sure to check the official information.

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          Heading west along Japan's largest island, Honshu, the very last prefecture you'll reach is Yamaguchi, separated from Kyushu by a small strip of water known as the Kanmon Straits, which the far-reaching harbor city Shimonoseki looks over. With water at every turn, the seafood of Yamaguchi is an indisputable highlight, and we're not talking just the usual fish dishes - the notorious fugu, or puffer fish, is a Japanese delicacy that was discovered in Yamaguchi prefecture, making it the best place to try it out.

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