Sugimoto Temple

According to tradition, the Sugimoto Temple was founded in 734 by the bodhisattva Gyoji, making it the oldest Buddhist temple in Kamakura; it is the first temple on the Bando Sanjusan Kannon pilgrimage circuit (of temples dedicated to Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy). Visitors approach the temple up a flight of moss-covered stone steps, bordered by banners that help to create a solemn and sacred atmosphere, before reaching the Niomon Gate, with statues of two Deva Kings (guardian deities) that are said to have been carved by the famous sculptor Unkei. In the Hon-do hall there are three statues of the goddess Kannon with 11 faces; of these three statues, the one that according to tradition was carved by Ennin and the one that is reputed to have been carved by Genshin have both been designated as National Important Cultural Properties.

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Kanagawa Pref. Kamakurashi Nikaidou 903
9:00-16:00 (Iriyama Information desk closed 15:45)
open everyday
[Admission fee]300yen
Parking Lot
Not available
Credit Card
Not available
Not available
Not available
Temporary closure:Currently closed (information as of May 7, 2020)
*Information may be changed, so please be sure to check the official information.
Estimated stay time
0-30 minutes
Infant friendly

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


  • New Kamakura 33 Kannon Pilgrimage #1 Sugimoto-dera Temple
    4.0 Reviewed:2022.02.16
    After Raiko-ji Temple, I was walking along the foot of hills slightly downward. I found a road running along the bottom of a ravine. I walked along the street and found Sugimoto-Kannon Busstop. I...
  • Wonderful smaller temple/ shrine
    4.0 Reviewed:2019.11.10
    One of the smaller temple in Kamakura but really lovely and a lot quieter than some of the most popular temples. Full of charms and small details. Delightful.
  • Lovely
    5.0 Reviewed:2018.04.17
    This old temple is really lovely. The moss covered stairs were really beautiful to look at. Nice view of the city from atop as well. Small but still impressive.

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