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Kuzuharaoka Shrine葛原岡神社


This shrine located on the high ground of Genjiyama is famous for match-making. It is also the place where Toshimoto Hino, who served Emperor Go-Daigo and was captured by the Kamakura shogunate, met his end. Stone monuments with a farewell poem and a memorial for Toshimoto Hino are on the premises. Recently the shrine has become popular as a power spot for the fulfillment of love. Lovers will take scarlet red strings with five yen coins tied on and attach them around either the male or female matchmaking rocks as a way of binding their wishes.

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place Kanagawa Pref. Kamakurashi Kajiwara 5-9-1
phone 0467459002

Review of Kuzuharaoka Shrine

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2016/10/06 Smash away the bad luck
if you're walking on the trails around Kamakura this shrine is easily reachable from Genjiyama Park. It's a peaceful shirne, on the way to the Jochi-ji Temple (when walking on the trail). For an...
Reviewed:2016/05/30 Small hilltop shrine
You can reach this small shrine if you follow the trail to the park on top of the hill above Kamakura. It is quite interesting and if you want you can symbolically cast away your concerns by smashing...
Reviewed:2016/05/28 Cute little shrine
It was just so pretty. In Japan they sell fortunes at various temples and if they're bad you leave them behind. The fortunes were in the shape of hearts so I decided to pick one up. They were totally...



Kanagawa Pref. Kamakurashi Kajiwara 5-9-1 [map]



9:00-16:00 (company office)
Parking Lot

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Kanagawa prefecture acts as an extension of the Tokyo metropolis that spills over into coastal towns, most notably Yokohama city, heavily populated and known for its Chinatown and seaside attractions. Just the right distance for a day trip out of Tokyo, Kanagawa is home to some of Tokyo's most accessible beaches, including around Kamakura, best known for its Big Buddha. Visitors can also travel a little farther afield for a weekend at Hakone onsen town.

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