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Fashion in Fukuoka

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  • Canal City Hakata
    2000 Reviews
    Complex Facility / Commercial Facility
    Fukuoka Pref. Fukuokashihakataku Sumiyoshi 1-2

    Interesting concept but looking tired. Inside outside mall so one minute hot next cold. The light show was interesting and worth a look

  • Hakata Bus Terminal
    230 Reviews
    Complex Facility / Commercial Facility
    Fukuoka Pref. Fukuokashihakataku Hakataekichuougai 2-1

    This 20 mins Bus ride from Hakata station to Fukuoka Airport costs Y270 one way is way better than riding the subway as the subway stops at the domestic terminal and you need to lug your luggage onto...

  • Marinoacity Fukuoka
    Complex Facility / Commercial Facility
    Fukuoka Pref. Fukuokashinishiku Odo 2-12-30
  • AEON MALL Fukuoka
    88 Reviews
    Shopping Mall
    Fukuoka Kasuya-gun Kasuyamachi Sakado Oinoki 192-1

    Huge mall complex to do all your shopping needs. Many eateries to choose from and of course the great Aeon super. If social interest to the tourist would be the souvenir center with all the goodies...

  • AEON MALL Chikushino
    25 Reviews
    Fukuoka Chikushino Ryumyoji 434-1

    久しぶりに行きました。 モール内のお店は10時からなので、イオンをゆっくり見てました。便利なモールで何でも揃ってます。

Fukuoka Areas


The most northerly of Kyushu island's prefectures, Fukuoka comprises castle towns, seaside parks, and Hakata ramen, one of Japan's most famous noodle dishes. Whether due to its good location or its unique charm, the prefecture's capital, Fukuoka city, has been voted one of the most desirable places to live in the country - a close-knit community, a thriving food scene, and accessible nature combine for irresistibly laid-back city vibes.

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