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Art&Culture in Kochi / Nankoku

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  • Kochi Castle Museum of History
    66 Reviews
    Museum / Science Museum
    Kouchi Pref. Kouchishi Otesuji 2-7-5

    Might be worth a look for nonJapanese tourists, certainly worth a look if you or your partner read Japanese . There were some stamps and astronmy cards for kids, but it probably is not the best...

  • The Museum of Art, Kochi
    48 Reviews
    Art Museum
    Kouchi Pref. Kouchishi Takasu 353-2

    Wed been pretty disappointed by the quality of local art galleries in Japan but this was a delightful exception. The architecture is striking, apparently modelled on a traditional building, and...

  • Kaiyodo Hobby Museum Shimanto
    44 Reviews
    Museum / Science Museum
    Kouchi Pref. Takaokagunshimantochou Utsuigawa 1458-1

    I am not a hobbist but it brings back some nostalgic moments of ultra man..worth a visit. my wife loves it. amd fancinating art work of miniatures.

  • Kochi Literary Museum
    37 Reviews
    Museum / Science Museum
    Kouchi Pref. Kouchishi Marunouchi 1-1-20

    Kamochi Masuzumi, a nameless philosopher, used to live in Tosa, one generation earlier than Bakumatsu or the Meiji restoration. He died 5 years after Perrys visit to Japan. A display in the Kochi...

  • Ryoma-den Bakumatsu Heroes Pavilion
    33 Reviews
    Reference/Local/Exhibition/Literature Museum
    Kochi Kochi-shi Kitahonmachi 2-10-17

    This is may be a reconstruction, a house used as a film set for one of Japanese TV’s year long historical TAIGA dramas (focused on local samurai hero Ryoma Sakamoto), but it is a lovely one. Great...

Kochi Areas


The largest of Shikoku's prefectures, Kochi is endowed with some of the island's most exceptional sand beaches lining the Pacific Ocean, which narrows into the Shimanto-gawa, a huge river that stretches 196 kilometers into the prefecture, passing verdant mountains and hosting countless riverside activities. Whether you're a pilgrim or not, Kochi's 16 Buddhist temples that make up one leg of the Shikoku Pilgrimage are worth a visit, particularly Chikurin-ji for its five-tier pagoda.

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