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Japanese Cuisine in Fukuoka

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  • Yoshizuka
    862 Reviews
    2-8-27, Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 810-0801

    Yoshizuka Unagiya is located on the canal by Canal City. We came around 1:30 pm for lunch. They were quite crowded. However, most everyone there were tourists speaking mostly Chinese. They do have...

  • Chikae Fukuoka Restaurant
    809 Reviews
    Kaiseki/Kappo Traditional Japanese Cuisine
    Fukuoka Pref. Fukuokashichuouku Daimyou 2-2-17

    After all the positive reviews I was looking forward to experiencing a great meal. Alas, I was disappointed. The setting is definitely unique with all of the fish tanks and workers scooping one up...

  • Tempura Hirao (Main Restaurant)
    427 Reviews
    Fukuoka Pref. Fukuokashihakataku Higashihirao 2-4-1

    I was in Fukuoka and was looking for tempura restaurant. Located 20 minutes new otani hotel and hakata station,this restaurant is a bar style restaurant where u order your food from a machine, take a...

  • Kawatarou Nakasu Main Restaurant
    191 Reviews
    Kaiseki/Kappo Traditional Japanese Cuisine
    Fukuoka Pref. Fukuokashihakataku Nakasu 1-6-8

    We did not make a reservation, so decided to take our chances at lunch time. We arrived 30 minutes before opening and were 4th in the queue. Once everyone with a reservation has been seated, you...

  • Zen Oyado Nishi Tei
    115 Reviews
    Fukuoka Fukuoka-shi Chuo-ku Shirogane 1-8-10

    Surprised to see so few recent reviews of this charming ryokan so hopefully this will help someone out. The building is small and slightly cramped with narrow hallows and even narrower staircases...

Fukuoka Areas


The most northerly of Kyushu island’s prefectures, Fukuoka comprises castle towns, seaside parks, and Hakata ramen, one of Japan’s most famous noodle dishes. Whether due to its good location or its unique charm, the prefecture’s capital, Fukuoka city, has been voted one of the most desirable places to live in the country - a close-knit community, a thriving food scene, and accessible nature combine for irresistibly laid-back city vibes.

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