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Food&Drink in Iwate

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  • Hakuryu
    157 Reviews
    Soba / Udon
    Iwate Pref. Moriokashi Uchimaru 5-15

    I visited Pairon main shop. I enjoyed at Morioka station Branch shop in the past. But main shop is more warm and homely atmosphere and service. Shop itself is old and narrow space. But I like main...

  • Azumaya Soba Restaurant
    63 Reviews
    Soba / Udon
    Iwate Pref. Moriokashi Nakanohashidori 1-8-3

    You can enjoy Wanko Soba in this restaurant, which is very famous free refill soba noodles in Japan. It must be one of the best food entertainment in Japan! There is two choice of Wanko Soba...

  • Kaishindo
    Japanese Confectionery
    Iwate Pref. Oushushi Esashi-ku Odaki Chikaraishi 211
  • Chokurian
    37 Reviews
    Soba / Udon
    Iwate Pref. Moriokashi Nakanohashidori 1-12-13

    I visited this restaurant with a group. While it is probably best known for its wanko soba (soba served in small bowls--with the challenge to eat as many as you can), and that looked pretty tasty...

  • Itsukushi Dango no Yakata
    Candy Store
    Iwate Ichinoseki-shi Genbicho Konosu 128

Iwate Main Areas


A northern Tohoku prefecture promising peace and quiet, Iwate is sparsely populated, replacing people with snow-capped mountains, history-rich sites, and fields of crops that are to thank for the region’s delicious local cuisine. Meander along the three-city Golden Route, where you’ll visit the grand Buddhist temples of Hiraizumi and the Tono folk villages before tasting the three famed noodle dishes of Morioka.

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