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Leisure in Gujo / Mino / Seki

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  • Takasu Snow Park
    62 Reviews
    Skiing/Snowboarding Area
    Gifu Pref. Gujoushi Takasuchounishibora 3086-1

    More snowboarders here but equally suitable for Skiers like me. Mostly red slopes with good choice for beginners. A few snow parks for boarders. I particularly appreciate that most courses are long...

  • Meiho Ski Resort
    35 Reviews
    Skiing/Snowboarding Area
    Gifu Pref. Gujoushi Meihouokuzumi Mizusawao 3447-1

    這裡的美好風景之外,也有不同的選擇,如果希望滑雪當然不能錯過這個地方! 所有用具足夠之外,還有不同的選擇

  • Washigatake Ski and Snowboard Resort
    Skiing/Snowboarding Area
    Gifu Pref. Gujoushi Takasuchouowashi 3250
  • Dynaland
    61 Reviews
    Skiing/Snowboarding Area
    Gifu Pref. Gujoushi Takasuchounishibora 3035-2

    Good for day trips as only 1.5h away from Nagoya and tour bus packages are available. However, for a longer stay, one does gets tired of doing the same 2 runs (1 green and 1 red). Perhaps it will be...

  • Roadside Station Heisei
    1 Reviews
    Michi no Eki Road Station
    Gifu Pref. Sekishi Shimonoho 2503-2

    平成から令和になり、新たなスポットができました。架け橋だそうです。歩いても、5分くらい。作りたての橋。池で占いができるそうです。 おたまじゃくしが沢山、木立の中なので蝉が鳴いていました。

Gifu Areas


Tucked away in the very center of Japan, Gifu prefecture houses mountains, old towns, and one of Japan's greatest hot springs, Gero Onsen. A tour of the prefecture's traditional architecture will take you from the mountain-enveloped wooden streets of Takayama to the mountain village of Shirakawago, where visitors can explore 250-year-old thatched roofed houses known as gassho-zukuri.

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