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Sights in Tokushima

Recommended spots

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  • Naruto no whirling waves
    Other Sightseeing Spot
    Tokushima Naruto-shi Narutocho Tosadomariura Fukuike
  • Tenku no Mura Kakashi no Sato
    79 Reviews
    Other Sightseeing Spot
    Tokushima Miyoshi-shi Higashiiya Sugeoi 191

    Kakashi is a scarecrow in rural village in Japan. In this village more than 300 Kakashis(more than living people in this village) are doing farm works and waiting the bus and riding bicycles. You...

  • Senjojiki Observation Deck
    34 Reviews
    Observatory / Outlook
    Tokushima ken Naruto city Naruto cho Naruto park


  • Tokushimashinsennattokushi
    3 Reviews
    Other Sightseeing Spot
    Tokushima Pref. Tokushimashi Higashiokinosu 2-chome 14

    昔はなかった施設で、イオンの帰り寄りました。レストラン 『和美彩美』は品数豊富で、肉も魚もあり、海鮮丼と日替わり丼を夫婦二人で注文。海鮮丼は7種の刺身がのっていて合格。いけすもあり一見の価値あり。

  • Inukai Noson Stage
    Other Sightseeing Spot
    Tokushima Pref. Tokushimashi Hatachou Hachiya 67-3 Goo Shrine grounds

Tokushima Areas


The southeastern corner of Shikoku is home to Tokushima prefecture, a region celebrated for its luscious nature and the nation's favorite Awa Odori, an energetic dance to which an annual summer festival has been dedicated. Keeping the upbeat tempo, whirlpools excite the Naruto sea off Tokushima, while inland, dramatic cliffs line the Iya Valley, promising unrivaled views of vast and vibrant scenery.

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