Yabito Festival: Why don’t you escape from the urban noise and join us on for Weekend in the nature?



Hello everyone!

I am KITARO, managing events and performing as a DJ in Tokyo (Dj kitAro).
I am actively involved in planning events in remote areas, including major clubs in Tokyo.
If you search on the web for “Tokyo” or “Night life” , you will find many photos of people enjoying clubs, right? I personally know how fun it is, as a DJ performing in Tokyo’s clubs. However a photo is not representing of the reality. For tourists who have limited time in Tokyo, looking at the photos is cool, but the reality might be very different. Let’s avoid such a disappointment!
Why don’t you leave the big city clubs and enjoy music in the nature? And since you are coming to Japan, how about listining the music of artists based in Tokyo?
Yabito Festival is what you are looking for.
Although it was only a gathering of friends at the beginning, the scale of the event has increased year by year while maintaining a cozy atmosphere. The event is tailored to the four seasons in Japan, suggesting ways to enjoy music that you cannot experience in Tokyo: Yabito Festval during in summer, and Snow Trunk in the winter.

Hirayama Camping Ground
Yamanashi Kitatsuru-gun Kosugemura 3974

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