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Soba Restaurants Around Japan

Soba, the humble and thin buckwheat noodle, is rarely heard of outside of Japan. A shame, since soba is known to be one of the dishes representing Japan. A plate of soba serves as a blank canvas to be twisted and created into a whole new dish. The best soba is not found in just one city, it is found all throughout the country.

Soba Restaurants Around Japan


  • Tea Soba in Uji

  • Make Botan Soba in Onjuku

  • Fumotoya Soba on Yamadera

  • Uango in Takehara

  • Kawara Soba at Choshuya Yuda Shop in Yamaguchi

  • Togakushi Soba at Gokui in Togakushi, Nagano

  • Azumaya Wanko Soba in Morika, Iwate

  • Kanda Matsuya in Tokyo

  • Kame Soba in Irabu, Miyakojima