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Crafty Brews: 10 of the Best Craft Beer Bars in Japan



14. January. 2019

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Sake is the nation’s most well-known alcoholic drink internationally, but beer is one of the country’s most widely enjoyed. Due in large part to difficult to attain beer brewing licenses, which previously required brewers to have a capacity to brew 2,000,000 liters a year, the small batch craft beer scene in Japan is a late blossoming one. However, many bar owners and brewers are making up for lost time and thankfully there are now plenty of artisinal brews to enjoy, and places to enjoy them, here are some of the best.

Crafty Brews: 10 of the Best Craft Beer Bars in Japan


  • Koenji Craft Beer Market, Tokyo
  • Wakayama Tanabe Voyager Brewing
  • Kitakami Pub Robin Hood
  • Yokohama Spring Valley Brewery
  • Kyoto Beer Pub Takumiya
  • Kyoto Before 9
  • Kyoto Beer Komachi
  • Akita Beer Flight Craft Beer Pub
  • Abashiri Yakiniku Abashiri Beer Kan
  • Beer Inn Mugishutei Sapporo

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