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Top Desserts in Japan



21. June. 2018

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When asked about famous Japanese foods most recall savory dishes such as sushi or ramen. However, Japan has a serious sweet tooth and has been cultivating desserts since the Edo period. Japanese desserts are more mild than their Western counterparts and focus on natural ingredients like fruits or creams rather than technicolor frosting. Each of these desserts represents some of the most popular sweets currently in style. From elaborate soft cream to carefully plated parfaits, there is a dessert for every palate and every age.


  • Gold Ice Cream in Kanazawa
  • Dango in Kyoto
  • Fuji Apples in Aomori
  • Mt. Fuji Jelly in Yamanashi
  • Peach Parfait in Yamanshi
  • Genji Maki in Shimane

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