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Experiencing History, Culture and Arts n Crafts in Japan’s Chubu region



7. November. 2019

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Located slap-bang in the middle of Japan is the rugged Chubu region, made up of several prefectures. The two gems in this crown are without a doubt Ishikawa and Gifu prefectures, situated right next to each other, sharing a fantastic amount of history and culture. Come with us as we explore these two areas in depth, offering ideas for day-trips, cuisine and ample opportunities to immerse yourself in traditional Japan!

Kanazawa in Ishikawa is well-connected to Tokyo via bullet train and highway bus. Connecting buses between Kanazawa and Takayama in Gifu are also abundant, and finally Takayama has excellent bus connections back to Tokyo, making for a great round trip that is easy to navigate and doesn’t break the bank! Welcome to Japan’s Chubu region...

Experiencing History, Culture and Arts n Crafts in Japan’s Chubu region


  • Traditional Kanazawa : Top 5 Place to vist
  • It’s not all about Tradition in Kanazawa!
  • The Rocks and Pots of Ishikawa
  • Hot Spring Bathing in the Kaga Region of Ishikawa
  • Getting to know the Shirakawago,Takayama and Hida Region

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