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Matsumoto Hang-Outs



6. August. 2019

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The picturesque city of Matsumoto is best known for its castle, pictured above, which is one of Japan’s most beautiful and complete original castles, that dates back to the early 1600’s.
Matsumoto is also considered a useful hub for those looking to explore the more rural parts of Nagano Prefecture like the Northern Alps region and the Kiso Valley.

Anybody passing through the area though should make a point of checking out Matsumoto City itself. With a vibrant and artistic community offering a range of interesting options for food, drink and relaxation it’s a great place to break up any longer Nagano-based road trip. Here we will introduce a few of our favorite hang-outs in and around the city.

The stunningly beautiful Matsumoto Castle by night


  • sioribi
  • Matsumoto Brewery Tap Room
  • Marumo Coffee

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