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Lake Shumarinai - A Trip Deep into the World of Hokkaido's Legendary Fish with Nobuyuki Nakano



26. February. 2019

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I dream of spending my days as a fishing guide, and running my small whisky distillery here on Lake Shumarinai. ” -Nobuyuki Nakano

In northern Hokkaido, in an area that feels a bit like a no man’s land and is regarded by locals as the coldest place in Japan, lies Lake Shumarinai, the country’s largest man-made lake. This massive lake is known to outdoor enthusiasts as the go-to spot for scenic camping, canoeing, and sports fishing, with the latter being the main reason why Japanese from all over the country make the pilgrimage once a year (or season) to this far away land to cast their fishing lines in the hope of catching the ever-so-elusive Ito, or Japanese huchen, of the salmon family.

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