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Real-Time Train Status in Japan



11. September. 2019

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If you encounter any disasters like earthquakes or typhoons while you're in Japan, getting real-time information about ongoing transportation delays is a must.

It is usually hard to collect real-time information for railways since there are too many railway companies. If you use the Japan Travel by NAVITIME app, on top of being able to see possible routes, it will bring you real-time information for train delays, stopped trains, resumed trains as well as the latest disaster info.

Real-Time Train Status for Travelers


  • 1. Enter your point of departure and destination, then click Search.
  • 2. In your search result, impeded railways services will have a warning sign displayed.
  • 3. You can check the service status details for each railway line. Below are the types of status provided:
  • 4. How to search for alternative routes.
  • The app also provides recently occurred disaster information (earthquakes, weather warnings, etc.). Disaster related push notifications can also be sent to your device based on your GPS location.
  • Download the app from here:

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