Eat, play, and shop: A day of fun for everyone at AEON MALL KYOTO!



Eat, play, and shop: A day of fun for everyone at AEON MALL KYOTO!

If you want to spend a fun-filled day around Kyoto, AEON MALL KYOTO is the place to go! This mall combines dining, entertainment, and shopping, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all visitors.

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    What is AEON MALL KYOTO?

    AEON MALL KYOTO, located near Kyoto Station to the south, is a complex that has around 130 different types of enterprises, including shopping, eating, entertainment, and culture. They have well-known brands like DAISO, UNIQLO, and Muji, as well as many local stores, including grocers and okonomiyaki restaurants from Osaka and restaurants exclusive to Kyoto. It is not an exaggeration to state that only AEON MALL KYOTO offers a complete dining, entertainment, and shopping experience in the Kansai area.

    In addition to the current foreign currency exchange machines, the mall's inauguration following restoration in November 2023 saw the inclusion of digital signs in numerous languages, making it even easier for international tourists. They feature breakfast cafés, game centers, indoor exercise facilities, and movie theaters, allowing guests to spend the entire day without leaving!

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    First, Recommended places to eat!

    1. Slow Page (coffee) - forspending a relaxing morning

    Books Ogaki, a community-based bookstore in Kyoto, runs this café. Magazines, novels, and Western books are placed on the shelves, and customers may have a coffee break while reading. They feature a variety of chairs, including couches, terrace seats, and counter seats with electrical outlets, and the ability to employ them based on one's needs is highly enticing. The early afternoon is quite calm, making this a valuable location in the Kyoto Station neighborhood, which has many packed cafés. They also offer an outside luggage storage area, so being able to enter casually will undoubtedly please travelers.

    The coffee (from 400 JPY) is a home-roasted, unique mix made up of four different beans from Brazil and Ethiopia. It also serves delicious dishes like spaghetti with homemade sauce and curry. Pancakes, for instance, are popular with people of all ages, from young to elderly. They only provide sweet pancakes with strawberries and bananas for breakfast, but they also have a meal-style bacon and egg pancake breakfast (880 JPY) from 8:30 to 10:00! Bacon and fried eggs are served with fluffy and sweet pancakes, and the strange mix of sweet and salty is pleasantly delicious. Coffee is included with breakfast, which is an excellent deal.

    Slow Page
    Open: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm (L.O. 8:30 pm)
    Location: Sakura Building 1F Food Terrace

    2. Lunch and dinner are all-you-can-eat! Vegetable Mountain Ninoha TERAO (buffet)

    An excellent restaurant that serves around 60 different types of cuisine for its all-you-can-eat selections, including Kyoto-style side dishes unique to the city, Western food, Chinese food, and desserts. All-you-can-eat pricing starts at 1,980 JPY (90 minutes) for lunch and 2,480 JPY (120 minutes) for dinner. This restaurant is owned by a corporation that handles stores in Kyoto; thus, part of their rice and ingredients are stocked in Kyotamba, and they make every effort to supply locally produced food for local consumption. The menu varies with the seasons, with major dishes including Mountain Greens and White Fish Sweet and Sour Ankake and Spring Cabbage and Bamboo Shoot Pork Stir Fry.

    Furthermore, youngsters like the entertainment cuisine, which includes alternatives such as sushi produced with seasonal seafood, ramen that guests are able to cook themselves, and unique bean jam wafers topped with ice cream and fresh cream. The restaurant also offers a variety of vegetarian and fish-free alternatives. The capacious cabin, which seats up to 106 people, is frequently utilized by groups, including tours. Guests may add alcohol all-you-can-drink (1,980 JPY) to both lunch and supper, allowing them to have a leisurely time with unlimited eating and drinking.

    *Tell staff that you learned about the restaurant from the SAVOR JAPAN article to receive a 5% discount.

    Vegetable Mountain Ninoha TERAO
    Open: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
    Location: Sakura Building 4th Floor

    3. Enjoy Wagyu beef! Shabu Shabu Tajima-ya (Shabu Shabu)

    Shabu Shabu Tajima-ya is an all-you-can-eat restaurant that serves shabu shabu and sukiyaki in locales such as Kyoto's Shijo Kawaramachi. In terms of the restaurant's nature, AEON MALL KYOTO attracts a lot of families as well as visitors from China, Southeast Asia, and English-speaking nations. The Japanese-style restaurant decor features relaxing table areas and box seats that can accommodate small and large parties. All tables are IH-heater types, allowing little children to join comfortably. Shabu shabu and sukiyaki all-you-can-eat meals start at 1,738 JPY (60 minutes) for lunch, and all courses include a buffet of roughly 20 different delicacies, including vegetables, rice, ramen, udon, and ice cream. The Wagyu Shabu Shabu all-you-can-eat course is the most popular choice among visitors to Japan. It is depicted in the photo and costs 6,248 JPY (90 minutes).

    The Japanese Black Wagyu A4-ranked or higher Shoulder Loin, which is particularly popular with Japanese consumers, is chopped with a slicer with each order before serving to ensure freshness and safety. Guests may choose two of five different varieties of shabu shabu soup, including the white broth made with chicken broth and the spicy-hot, sweet, and spicy Jjigae broth. In addition to wagyu beef, you can also order pork loin, pork belly, or chicken thigh. The restaurant's manager explains, "Overseas visitors may not be familiar with the culture of all-you-can-eat, but they can refill their plates as much as they want within the time limit."

    *Tell staff that you learned about the restaurant from the SAVOR JAPAN article to receive free drink bar service for 1 person.

    Shabu Shabu Tajima-ya
    Open: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
    Location: Sakura Building 4th Floor

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    Enjoyable for both children and adults! Recommended spots for playing

    VS PARK is located on the fourth floor of the Kaede Building. It is an indoor facility with 28 different activities, such as Ninja Trainer Arcade, where players toss shuriken knives, and Escape, in which players face wild creatures in a 10-meter ultra-short-distance run. Enjoy freely moving your body with family and friends in between shopping and dining.

    VS PARK Aeon Kyoto
    Open: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
    Location: Kaede Building 4th Floor

    In addition, THE GUNDAM BASE SATELLITE KYOTO, located on the fourth floor of the Sakura Building, is a must-visit for Gundam enthusiasts. It's the only store of its kind in the Kansai area, attracting fans from afar. The store features Gundam models spanning over 40 years, from the original series to the latest releases, and includes exclusive items that can't be found anywhere else. Be sure to take a memorable photo with the giant Gundam statue at the entrance!

    Open: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
    Location: Sakura Building 4th Floor

    When guests get tired of shopping and activities, they can relax and enjoy a movie at T Joy Kyoto, the movie theater on 5F of the Sakura Building. It is a large-scale cinema complex with the world's most advanced systems and shows popular films on all 12 of its screens. They have a capacity of 2,200 seats, including pairs of chairs that allow you to lift the armrests like a sofa. All visitors, including couples and families, may enjoy viewing movies in a relaxed, at-home atmosphere.

    T Joy Kyoto
    Open: 8:30 am - 12:00 am
    Location: Sakura Building 5th Floor

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    Just what a shopping mall is for! Recommended spots for shopping

    There are many different types of stores here. When people arrive, they will see that this mall has everything they need. There are shops for groceries, apparel, other products, everyday necessities, and cosmetics. Muji is extremely popular with both Japanese and international clients, and the 1,818 m2 floor provides everything from random things to furniture, with a focus on women's fashion and health and beauty products. Several things are exclusively available at this location, so visitors may find unique items like Kyoto-exclusive sock colors and Kyoto pizza! Items may be tax-exempt, making this business ideal for purchasing keepsakes.

    Don't miss out on seeing the largest Uniqlo shop in Kyoto Prefecture. It has something for everyone, including ladies, men, children, and baby items. Make sure to check out those exclusive goods that are only available in large stores.

    Supermarkets at travel destinations offer a glimpse into the local food culture. On the first floor, "Market Garden KOHYO Kyoto" is a supermarket originating from Osaka, featuring a wide range of Kansai-specific foods. You'll find a great selection of local ingredients at affordable prices, including Kyoto vegetables, tofu, and pickles. Additionally, the store has a section dedicated to items for inbound tourists, prominently featuring fresh strawberries sourced from nearby farms, with five to six varieties available.

    Purchasing ready-to-eat items like fresh sashimi, sushi, and roast beef made from black wagyu beef for an in-room hotel party or at a private rental accommodation is a great idea. Additionally, KOHYO offers tax-free shopping, making it perfect for souvenir hunting. Popular souvenirs include "Kit Kat" with special flavors and Fuji-shaped packaging, as well as sake-flavored varieties. The store also features a variety of gummies from both domestic and international brands. With KOHYO, you’ll have everything you need for dinner, late-night snacks, breakfast, treats, and souvenirs, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable stay.

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    Enjoy a full day at AEON MALL KYOTO!

    At AEON Mall KYOTO, you can enjoy not only shopping but also delicious dining, making it a spot where you can spend an entire day. On your next visit to Kyoto, make sure to check out AEON Mall KYOTO, just a 5-minute walk from Kyoto Station, and indulge in eating, playing, and shopping to your heart's content!

    AEON MALL Specialty Stores: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
    KOHYO (Sakura Building 1st floor): 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
    Food Court (Sakura Building 4th floor): 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
    *Last order times vary by store.
    Restaurant Area (Sakura Building 4th floor): 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
    *Some stores have different opening hours.
    Address: 1 Nishikujo Toriiguchicho, Minami Ward, Kyoto

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