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Ishigaki’s North Coast: Beautiful Bays and Local Crafts



18. February. 2020

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An island too big to explore in a day, this snapshot of the northern coast is a fantastic way to spend a day in Ishigaki. Combining world-famous views, local crafts and unusual spots, it’s a tour that shows the creativity of the island as well as its natural beauty. There are plenty of op-portunities to get involved too, with pottery classes and tours of local distilleries, not to mention the chance to kayak to some of the beautiful Kabira Bay’s uninhabited islands.

Ishigaki’s North Coast: Beautiful Bays and Local Crafts


  • Ishigaki-Yaki: A Delicate Craft of Ocean Blues
  • Colorful Creations at Yoneko-Yaki Shisa Garden
  • Glass-Bottom Boat Tours at Kabira Bay
  • Rare Ryuku Pearls
  • Taste Awamori at the Takamine Distillery
  • Transport on Ishigaki
  • Access to Ishigaki

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