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Sado - A Seafarer’s Tour of an Unusual Island.



26. December. 2019

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Whether you see a butterfly, a strike of lightning or a simple ‘S’, Sado is an easily recognized but little-known island for visitors in Japan. While it may be famous for its history of gold-mining and political exiles, the remote island’s strongest connection is with the sea that surrounds it. A 67-km stretch of ocean between its shores and those of Niigata allowed Sado to foster its own unique culture over the centuries. From traditional tub-boats used to collect delicacies from the turquoise waters to magnificent wooden ships crafted in dedicated towns, the island has long forged a living from the ocean.

Sado - A Seafarer’s Tour of an Unusual Island.


  • Yajima and Kyojima Islands
  • Shukunegi
  • Ogi Folk Museum
  • Kotoura Caves, Sea-Kayaking and Other Adventures
  • Seafood
  • Getting to Sado
  • Travel on Sado Island

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