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Sado - Inland Adventures of an Exile Culture



26. December. 2019

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With an unusual culture of import and export, Sado is an island of relaxed towns, rich history and delicious food . Once an isolated island it soon became a hub of visiting ships, ready to transport the gold the island offered up and leave behind the mainland’s unwanted characters. Adopting the cultural immigrants, unwilling criminals and unfavorable creatives, the island has developed a unique heritage of unusual elements.

From Kyoto-inspired temples to networks of mining tunnels, the fingerprints of history have left few corners unmarked. Sado is no museum though - the traditional homes have become community cinemas and the mining ruins are now haunting landscapes to be admired. A day spent in the North West of Sado is one filled with history, culture, and plenty of outdoor adventures.

Sado - Inland Adventures of an Exile Culture


  • The Sado Kinzan Mine: The Island’s Underground Fortunes
  • The Former Aikawa Jail - A History of Exiles
  • Kyomachi, Aikawa - A Contemporary Take on an Ancient Street
  • Sengaku Bay Cycling Tour: A Breath of Fresh Air
  • Seisuji Temple and Daizen Shrine: Sado’s Adopted Cultures
  • Sado’s Night Views: A Glimpse of the Past
  • Getting to Sado
  • Travel on Sado Island

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