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JINS: Pick up a pair of prescription glasses at a great price



6. August. 2019

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As a world leader in the manufacture of precision lenses for cameras and optical equipment, as well as a long history of craftsmanship in metalworking, it should come as no surprise that some of the world’s best prescription glasses are produced in Japan.

With a conventionally quite costly production process, the prescription glasses market was transformed in 2001 with the opening of the first JINS store in Fukuoka.

A pair of glasses that would usually take days to deliver (at eye watering prices), were now available at JINS and could be picked up on the same day for only 5,000 yen.

In 2019, JINS now has 400 stores nationwide and counting, with the lens fitting process reduced to only 30 minutes. This means you can walk into the store, choose a frame, get your eyes professionally tested, and walk out with a new pair of 5,000 yen prescription glasses (or two!), in the same amount of time it takes to have lunch.

JINS: Pick up a pair of prescription glasses at a great price


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