NARUTO Themed Hotel Room at Highland Resort Hotel & Spa



NARUTO Themed Hotel Room at Highland Resort Hotel & Spa

In July 2019 at Highland Resort Hotel & Spa, a resort hotel that is directly connected to Fuji-Q Highland (amusement park) opened a Naruto themed room, “Shinobi no Ma Japanese Ninja Suite Room Naruto”. Any fans of Naruto should definitely add this to their bucket list!

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    Room 304 is the only room in this Highland Resort Hotel & Spa which are made into Naruto theme room. The door to the room is decorated with Eight Trigrams Sealing Style. Once you enter, a scroll will appear and visitors would need to solve problem on how to get inside the actual room. Unfortunately, the hints written on the scroll is only in Japanese so if you are not used to reading Japanese, it is best advised to ask the staff at the hotel.

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    Living Room: Yo-No-Ma

    Hagoromo Otsutsuki, also known as the Sage of Six Paths created the nine-tailed beasts from the Ten-Tails’chakra using the Yin-Yang Release with the Creation of All Things Technique. During the 4th Shinobi World War, Hagoromo gave some of his power to Naruto and Naruto was then able to use Yin-Yang Release (known as Onmyoton in Japanese). Taking in this character concept, the Yo-No-Ma (living room) focuses on the design based around Naruto and the Yang Release.

    The far end fusuma (a sliding door used to separate rooms or act as doors and walls in traditional Japanese houses and buildings) portrays Naruto standing on the Valley of the End. Fans will immediately notice that its the scene from The Final Battle in episode 476 of the anime “NARUTO Shippūden”.

    While then, the immediate fusuma illustrates Naruto with multiple shadow cloning techniques and when this is opened, screen with team 7 (Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto holding hisfather’s Flying Thunder God Kunai) will appear. Don’t forget to roll up the screen of Naruto to find a beautiful Mt. Fuji in the distance with Kurama.

    All over this room, there are illustrations from the anime “NARUTO Shippūden” displayed and the one near the bathroom has a special collaborated illustrations with Fuji-Q.

    Fuji-Q original collaborated illustration with Naruto in the kakejiku (Japanesehanging roll) style

    Fuji-Q original collaborated illustration with Naruto in the kakejiku (Japanesehanging roll) style

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    Bed Room: In-No-Ma

    While the Yo-No-Ma (living room) is based on the character concept of Naruto, this bedroom, In-No-Ma is based on the character concept of Sasuke and the Yin-Release. The room uses moon as its motif decorated with cool colors.

    The design of the beddings uses Uchiha clan logo and Uzumaki clan logo with the above ceiling decorated with the nine-tailed beasts in a shoji screen style.

    Compared to the living room, Sasuke on the Valley of the End is illustrated when looked from the bedroom side. Right next to the fusuma (a sliding door used to separate rooms or act as doors and walls in traditional Japanese houses and buildings) has a illustration of Sasuke. And other notable illustrations include his brother Itachi with the Akatsuki members. There are 6 to 7illustrations from the anime “NARUTO Shippūden” displayed in the bedroom but will center around Sasuke and his brother, Itachi.

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    Compared to the Yo-No-Ma (living room) and the In-No-Ma (bedroom), the bathroom is full of wonders and laughters. First off, the toilet is covered with explosive tags and would make the fans a bit nervous when using it. And more, Kakashi is hiding in the attic looking down at you while you are doing your business.

    Next off, again, Kakashi is using his cloak of invisibility technique and peeping on you. Some might enjoy this, some might feel uncomfortable, especially if you just got out of the shower. However, Pakkun will probably warn off Kakashi so visitors may not have to worry.

    Lastly, the bathroom wall is designed with a black and white wallpaper of Hashirama and Madara on The Valley of the End. While taking a nice warm bath, some fans like myself canfantasize and could hear the sweeping leaf sounds and the relaxing sound of the waterfall.

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    Exclusive Amenities

    A great news for the big fans of Naruto would definitely be staying over in this amazing room but also getting the exclusive amenities such as ​yukata​ wears in the design of Akatsuki and Hokage, facial towel in the style of a scroll, kunai shaped comb and headbound pouch which are included as gifts for your stay.

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    Reservation is done online only. Check its webpage here for more details on the room, the price and reservation.

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