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Nikko: Ice hiking in the hidden valley



29. January. 2020

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Nikko is not all about World Heritage Site like Nikko Toshogu Shrine! It is also home to a vast park across Tochigi, Fukushima and Gunma prefectures with a total area of 114,908 hectares including mountains, waterfalls, marshlands and forests. Out of the many falls in Nikko, there is a hidden narrow ravine, the Unryu Keikoku or the “Cloud Dragon Valley” which lies in the depth of the mountains of Nikko where its rare icefalls can only be seen for few weeks in winter. Its spectacular view of 100 meter wide ice wall and as high as 10 meter icicles are a true beauty of nature that can only be reached by hiking.



  • Unryu Keikoku “Cloud Dragon Valley”
  • Solo hike or Tour
  • Required Equipment
  • Access

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